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Branding Your Business was published in 2007 as part of the Sunday Times Business Enterprise Series. Within days, it was getting serious reviews. In less than two months, it had become BrandChannel‘s Book of the Month. In 2011, it was updated for a second edition, with a new-style cover. It was also translated into Latvian, and was (and continues) to do very well on both sides of the Atlantic. But if I’m honest, it’s time for an update, and that’s what I should be doing right now! But if you’re interested in buying a copy, here’s the link to Amazon UK: Branding Your Business.

About the book

The only way forward for business success is to create a memorable brand and fix it in the consumer’s mind. Branding Your Business explains the whole branding process in easy-to-follow terms. Providing practical help instead of academic theories, it explains what a brand is and what it is not, how to conduct a ‘DIY’ brand audit and how to use marketing and psychology principles to create a powerful brand for your business.

Based around the theory that a brand is the total perception a customer has about a company, its products or services, Branding Your Business will reveal what is needed to create and manage successful brands, increase profits and leave the competition standing.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter – 00: Introduction;
  • Chapter – 01: Just what is a brand?;
  • Chapter – 02: Branding the heart as well as the head;
  • Chapter – 03: How perception creates emotion;
  • Chapter – 04: Perception and long-term memory;
  • Chapter – 05: Foreground and background;
  • Chapter – 06: Looking like your brand;
  • Chapter – 07: Your BodyBrand™;
  • Chapter – 08: Talking the walk;
  • Chapter – 09: Putting your brand on the right track;
  • Chapter – 10: The sweet smell of brand success;
  • Chapter – 11: Branding the taste buds;
  • Chapter – 12: Brand touch and feel;
  • Chapter – 13: Building your Brand Halo™;
  • Chapter – 14: Your Brand Halo™ Handbook;
  • Chapter – 15: Your Brand Halo™ Storybook;
  • Chapter – 16: Creating your Brand Halo™ Storybook;
  • Chapter – 17: Branding and social media;
  • Chapter – 18: Final thoughts;

Together with Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense and Brainwashed.
Together with Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense and Brainwashed.
The (in)famous Drayton Bird with me and our books.
The (in)famous Drayton Bird with me and our books at an EADIM conference.
Signing copies of my book after a brand workshop at EADIM.
Signing copies of my Branding Your Business book after a brand workshop at EADIM.
A prize winner collects his copy of Branding Your Business at an EADIM event.
A prize winner collects his copy of Branding Your Business at an EADIM event.





Here's what's been said about the book:

Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird

Master of direct marketing and author of best-selling book Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing

Branding Your Business is an important book. Products and fashions come and go. But a brand can live on and on – after the people in the boardroom have retired, the factory moved abroad, the processes changed and the customers changed their fancies. Sadly there is more pretentious and misleading rubbish talked about brands than almost anything in business. James does us all a favour by revealing what we really need to know, in plain language.’

Rod Wilkes

Rod Wilkes

Former CEO, The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Branding Your Business is a superb book pitched perfectly at those looking to understand what branding is and how it can boost their business. James guides the reader gently through the latest thinking on branding, including the vital role played by emotions and the senses in purchase decisions. Well-written, clearly structured, and packed full of sound advice, James has produced an outstanding and intelligent guide to branding in the 21st century.’

Beth Rogers

Beth Rogers

Senior Lecturer, Sales and Marketing, Portsmouth Business School and Chair, UK Sales Board

‘Few of us give enough consideration to the amount of detailed thought that needs to go into building a convincing brand. James’ comprehensive book explains the what, why and how of branding in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. Branding Your Business is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and business managers who want to understand and develop powerful brands.’

Rachel Tout

Rachel Tout

Former Senior Global Marketing Manager, The Body Shop

'James Hammond has created a tangible manual for that intangible idea of a brand and how to build it. Connecting with customers on an emotional level and recognising that the little things count make Branding Your Business an enjoyable read and a setp-by-step process for how to audit your own brand and re-connect with customers. Great for businesses looking to add value and build a strong brand that gives a tangible return.'

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

Founder and writer of

'James Hammond has produced a comprehensive manual for branding your business in the modern world. Without feeling stuffy or stale, James takes you step-by-step through each of the core components of a successful brand, illustrates with examples and keeps the pace brisk. If branding is important to your business – and it is important to every business large and small – Branding Your Business is a book you should have.'

Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom

Best-selling author of Brand Sense and Buyology

'A brand is more than a name. It is the beginning of a lifetime dialogue between brand and consumer. The challenge has always been to launch and sustain a unique brand conversation – a dialogue so engaging that it renders the brand unforgettable. In Branding Your Business, James Hammond describes beautifully how to meet and overcome this fundamental challenge.'

Brand Doctor: A brief bio.

I’ve spent nearly 40 years in advertising, marketing, design and branding. Starting life as a graphic designer and copywriter, I worked for Top-100 companies. I then progressed to heading up brand consultancies responsible for sales and marketing, branding, corporate identity and advertising for Yellow Pages, Virgin, AVIVA, EMI and British Telecom to name a few.

Throughout the years, I’ve also helped smaller businesses dramatically improve profits through building a powerful brand. (Not-for-profit organisations have seen their donor income increase using my brand approach too.)

I’m also a qualified psychotherapist. How people think and behave is crucial to knowing how to brand a business, and with 15 years of experience in the field of psychology, I'm better equipped than most to deliver brands that connect and engage with customers.

Psychology is a rare ingredient in marketing, but it should really lead the way. My psychotherapy work greatly influences the approach to branding I teach and formed the basis for my international best-selling book Branding Your Business.

‘James gave two consecutive keynotes for the past three years at our annual Indonesian Superbrands Conference. He is a breath of fresh air, bringing clarity and understanding to an audience of 400 senior marketing executives hungry for knowledge of ways to create leading-edge business and branding strategies.

James also gave two brilliant keynotes on the subject of sustainability, in advance of his new book The Starfish Business. He is now a Member of the Board of Advisors, Most Valued Business Indonesia, an exciting new initiative to recognise brands not just for their revenue, but for their social responsibility.

Whenever James comes to Indonesia, his fans eagerly await the latest from the Brand Doctor – and they are never disappointed. Thanks James – and good luck in all you do.’

– Alistair Speirs OBE
Chairman, Superbrands Indonesia
and Most Valued Brands

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