That’s me, according to my friend Drayton Bird, master of direct and digital marketing. I have a distinct combination of expertise in building powerful brands, blending almost 40 years of advertising, marketing, sales and brand knowledge with understanding psychological ways to influence the mind of the customer.

Consulting for companies like Virgin, Aviva, BT, Yellow Page and EMI to name a few, my experience and insights can help you and your people succeed at developing and sustaining strong brands.

(And when I say ‘brand’ I’m talking about sales, marketing and PR too. Not logos or colours.)

My sometimes controversial and contrarian views provide the perfect keynote for gaining an audience’s attention and stimulating their thinking.

If it’s a dry, techno-speak laden presentation you’re after, that follows the typical paths of marketing
myths and brand delusion, then I’m not the one you should consider. And let’s face it, there are
hundreds out there who fit the bill. You’ve seen them. You’ve heard them.

But if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who will provoke, inspire and provide immediate value to your audience, then call me for your next presentation, keynote or workshop.

My primary talks are:

  • How To Build A Winning Brand
    How to build a powerful brand for any size of business using my proprietary EPIC™ four-step
    psychology-based approach that’s the basis of my international best-selling book on branding. It’s been the most popular presentation for over ten years.
  • The Marketing Mess
    Why is marketing failing to give a good return on investment? The answer is that most of its structure today is still based on paradigms and assumptions created as far back as the early 1900s. I look at some of the marketing myths and how neuromarketing can bring marketing up to date.
  • BrandMe™
    How to build your own outstanding personal brand to get you noticed and in the spotlight. This isn’t just a ‘dress for success’ talk. That’s merely a part of what I cover in this informative presentation for your audience.
  • Storytelling for brand power
    How to build a compelling story to give any brand a powerful emotional connection with its
    customers. Using a four-step process, your audience can create stories that engage, inspire and draw customers closer to the brand, product or service.
  • *New* The Starfish Business™
    How any small to medium-sized business can build a robust Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Plan using my five-step method – the basis for my forthcoming book on the subject. At a time where CSR failures and lack of trust abound, this will put any company on the road to sustainable success.

To book me, call me on 0800 206 1255 or email me at james@branddoctorconsulting.com

'The Brand Doctor did the trick –

with the help of an orange monkey.'

Drayton Bird
‘At the EADIM (European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing) workshop, held at De Montfort Business school in Leicester, we had a range of great speakers – but the real star was James Hammond, Brand Doctor.

The packed audience were from a wide range of businesses – a magazine, a car hire firm, a restaurant, a business coach, a financial advisor – and a quite a few more (including some all the way from Valencia). I don’t think they had anything in common except a desire to do better.

How the heck do you help such a varied lot to build a brand? Well James managed it. From the start, he was surprising, challenging, sardonic about the rebranding buffoons, astoundingly well-informed – especially about how the brain works.
Drayton and James at EADIM.
Some hilarious moments included explaining how one firm got its customers to have a relationship with sheep – and how it helped build their brand.

You think that’s crazy? It’s just the beginning. Because then he showed how an idea like that could help build any company’s brand. And he came up with many more startling examples and show how they can help you, too.

James has given numerous presentations for me since that first, highly successful event. That’s because I have never met anyone so knowledgeable about the subject – and he has a unique 4-step approach to how you go about it.

As a qualified psychotherapist James clearly knows the right buttons to touch. If after hearing him you don’t feel inspired and haven’t found at least ten brilliant ways to build or improve your business, you haven’t been paying attention.’

Drayton Bird
Chairman of EADIM and master of direct and digital marketing.


‘…I really enjoyed your presentation and it gave me fresh input and a different perspective on branding. I teach branding and communications and will hopefully be able to get the message across more clearly to my students in future as a result. I also enjoy psychology and the way you linked the two was of great interest to me. I know the other delegates enjoyed it too.’

‘Thank you for leaving me feel inspired! I really enjoyed your workshop, and it is always good to see things from a different viewpoint. Psychology does seem to play such a huge part in marketing and business, and we are finding that we are using emotional marketing, through the corporate direction of our business and the focus around sustainability.’

‘Top presentation and a great insight into branding, thanks for this inspiring keynote and workshop.’
‘Thanks for the presentation. You certainly helped me improve the way I think about branding.’
‘One of the best presentations and workshops on branding I have ever heard…’
‘…a thoroughly inspiring and deeply thought-provoking presentation.’

Brand Doctor: A brief bio.

I’ve spent nearly 40 years in advertising, marketing, design and branding. Starting life as a graphic designer and copywriter, I worked for Top-100 companies. I then progressed to heading up brand consultancies responsible for sales and marketing, branding, corporate identity and advertising for Yellow Pages, Virgin, AVIVA, EMI and British Telecom to name a few.

Throughout the years, I’ve also helped smaller businesses dramatically improve profits through building a powerful brand. (Not-for-profit organisations have seen their donor income increase using my brand approach too.)

I’m also a qualified psychotherapist. How people think and behave is crucial to knowing how to brand a business, and with 15 years of experience in the field of psychology, I'm better equipped than most to deliver brands that connect and engage with customers.

Psychology is a rare ingredient in marketing, but it should really lead the way. My psychotherapy work greatly influences the approach to branding I teach and formed the basis for my international best-selling book Branding Your Business.

‘James gave two consecutive keynotes for the past three years at our annual Indonesian Superbrands Conference. He is a breath of fresh air, bringing clarity and understanding to an audience of 400 senior marketing executives hungry for knowledge of ways to create leading-edge business and branding strategies.

James also gave two brilliant keynotes on the subject of sustainability, in advance of his new book The Starfish Business. He is now a Member of the Board of Advisors, Most Valued Business Indonesia, an exciting new initiative to recognise brands not just for their revenue, but for their social responsibility.

Whenever James comes to Indonesia, his fans eagerly await the latest from the Brand Doctor – and they are never disappointed. Thanks James – and good luck in all you do.’

– Alistair Speirs OBE
Chairman, Superbrands Indonesia
and Most Valued Brands

James Brown

'James provided our delegates with an opportunity to try out some of the ideas that would help to make their businesses recession-proof. With James' workshop guidance they quickly understood why a strong brand is important and how they could create something that is so much more than a logo or a typeface. Everyone went away from the workshop with ideas they could put into practice that would increase their ability to attract and retain customers and clients. James’s depth of knowledge and easy presentation style made it a very enjoyable as well as a very useful event and several delegates sought his advice on their specific branding issues as a follow-up to the workshop.'
Ann Hawkins
Director & Co-Founder
The Inspired Group

Chris Starke

‘James was an excellent workshop presenter. He was warm, entertaining and very thought-provoking. He presented a whole host of ideas gleaned from his amazing marketing and branding background. Our audience was still asking him questions hours after the workshop had finished.’
Ian Lockyer
Chairman, Kent Chartered Institute
of Marketing

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